An outstanding judge whose focus has always been grounded in common sense, and the reality that in the deeply sensitive world of family law, any attempt to resolve such disputes should be firmly centred on practical and swift solutions.”
Sir Igor Judge (Lord Chief Justice, England and Wales)


He has, for example, played a profound role in developing the law of family relocation, pre-nuptial agreements and, more generally, the so-called ‘big money’ divorce cases which frequently involve a foreign element.”
Professor Nigel Lowe (Cardiff University)


It is proper to reflect on how much richer the international family law community is for his vision.”
His Hon Judge Peter Boshier (Law Commissioner, New Zealand Law Commission, formerly Principal Family Court Judge)


’Judicial activism’ – in the very best sense of the phrase – are words that resonate when thinking of Lord Justice Mathew Thorpe.”
Philippe Lortie (First Secretary, The Hague Conference)


Lord Justice Thorpe has made an exceptional contribution towards the evolution and development of international family law.”
Hon Mr Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani (Supreme Court, Pakistan)


Mathew will soon retire from the bench but he will not remain idle. He intends to take up arbitration and mediation in family work. I have no doubt that litigants will continue to benefit from his wisdom, knowledge and experience.”
Hon Mr Justice Cheung (Justice of the Court of Appeal of the High Court, Hong Kong SAR)


International Judicial Liaison and co-operation have become a practical reality because of his vision and drive. It is probably the most important of all his many achievements as one of the greatest family judges of our times.”
Sir James Munby (President of the Family Division, England and Wales)


In Japan, we intend to endeavour to make further improvements and take various measures based on the vast achievements of Lord Justice Thorpe.”
Judge Seiichiro Nishioka (President of the Hiroshima High Court, formerly Chief Judge, Tokyo Family Court)


Mathew has made the legal processes less perilous by impelling judges and governments to recognise their international responsibilities. The office of the Head of International Family Justice for England and Wales is an important part of Mathew’s legacy.”
Chief Justice Bryant (Family Court, Australia)